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Friday, August 1, 2014

On the Road Again/No Guitar, Dog, or Pickup Truck

l'll be crossing the Atlantic again, flying West to the east coast of the USA.  l missed last year's pilgrimage because of schedule conflicts. This year's trip includes an added treat- my 50th Class Reunion!

A good prep for these things is Social Networking. Find 'em, learn'em, and know which coversations to avoid. After doing my research, food and weather appear to be the safest. I intend to eat a lot. If I keep my mouth full it'll be harder to stick my foot in it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jubilation on the Street: Deutschland 7-Brasil 1

I'm up late tonight.  I watched the most amazing football match with the folks at Giovanni's Mona Lisa.  This is the World Cup, 7-1 is unbelievable, and even more unbelievable in the semi-final.  The German offense was quick and clean and accurate and the defense was impenetrable.  The Street, the city, and the entire country is celebrating.  Tomorrow night, the Netherlands go against Argentina to determine the opposition and Sunday, we find out who the new Weltmeister is.  I'm rooting for my adoptive land.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Sunday Walk

The weather's been really nice here for the last week.  Not too hot, breezes, evening thunderstorms, good for daytime walking around.  Sundays are busy on the paths and trails in this part of the world, especially when the Sun is shining.  Today, the Sun was shining.

I met some people I know, and some I didn't. One married couple pointed me to a stream of ants going back and forth across the walking path.  We watched them together and chatted.  The wife had been born in Berlin and the family migrated down here in the final days of the Second World War to avoid the chaos.  The man survived the Russian liberation of Silesia.  We talked for almost half an hour.  It was pleasant.  And now,  I'm going to sleep.  I'll be back soon, with something to say and nothing to complain about.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Growth in the Gänsemarkt

Things are happening. June will bring the opening of two restaurants and an ice cream shop!
The Hollandschenke is relocating to the former Schwarzer Ritter with the same great food a beer garden!  Welcome "Leib und Seele".
An International menu is coming to the corner formerly occupied by Pinochio. Welcome "Babylon".
And finally, the Christian Bookstore will be an ice cream parlor.

Kudos to the city and the teams who are making my neighborhood a cooler place .

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nothing to Report and Nothing to Complain About

It's been rainingI've got Gore-Tex. - the past few days. Steinstrasse has been gray and damp. I'm always grey, it comes with the turf, but I'm rarely damp, I've got Goretex.

I've been carving. Little people. Two and four inch people. I'm trying to capture the feel of Sunni painting in wood. When I've got enough then I'll try to arrange them like a Haiku. A sestina would be too much work.

Things come easier to the beginner's mind. I'Ve been practicing. Let it rain. My mind's got Gor-Tex.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Conversations on a Country Path (Apologies to Heidigger)

I used to walk here often
I was in love
She was not

Time has passed
On the edge of the mind 
I can still hear her breathing
along with thousands of other breaths

My cosmos
no longer bound by ego
allows me to go back

the path not chosen
the road less travelled
the mind less filled

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday: Reflections

I've always had a reverence for Good Friday.  As kids, we weren't allowed to breathe on this day.  No radio, television, sweets, snacks, just fish and platski (potato pancakes).

I've read all four passions in one sitting on Good Friday.

I've made love in a meadow at the top of a hill on Good Friday.

I've written poetry in the style of Federico Garcia Lorca on Good Friday.

I've walked to the top of the mountain and meditated under a tree on Good Friday.

Today, I've taken a walk, reflected on the nature of death, read from some Buddhists texts, some Christian texts, and the texts of the mystical golden retriever who calls himself Jan Zawadzki when he's a few hours to the east but settles for Zavacki and John when he's elsewhere.

In the tradition of the high Christian Churches, it is the day upon which we reflect on the death of Jesus, the Messiah.  Accordingly, I do reflect on his death, and the deaths of other Buddhas, enlightened ones who allow us to deviate from their path to find our own within the guidelines of leading a good life and finding the strength to teach in the face of critics.

A few days ago, a friend asked if I had read 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying'.  I thought that I had and went off to get a copy to ensure I was right.  I wasn't.  I am now.  One of the things I really like about Buddhist belief is its tremendous respect for life and for death.  Death is a mystery, the ultimate adventure, but not one to be sought, only to be found.  Life is a preparation for death which is a preparation for life in the Buddhist tradition.  Heaven or hell are the state of mind you are in when this ultimate reality occurs.  What happens after that is up to you.

In the presence of Easter Rabbits and their colorful eggs, the idea of rebirth is an annual one.  Here, at Steinstrasse 1A, it is a continuous rebirth.  Every morning, I say 'I'm not dead', then wash my face and prepare to die by living my life in the company of everyone I love,  No one is dead to me who has ever touched me as I will never be dead to them.  Even when I die, I live on in them, and when my consciousness is transferred from the realm of death back into a sentient form, they'll come with me.  Whether or not I will be able to access them will depend on the development of my access to the collective unconscious, the wellspring of all knowledge, creativity, and creation.

Happy Easter.