Saturday, April 2, 2011

Training for St. James

I start my Spring conditioning with about 10 kilometers today.  70+ degrees, blue skies, small dogs, smiling children along the way.  As usual, after a winter of 3 to 5 kilometer walks, the first good one showed up in the back muscles.  Feet, legs, and head all wanted to keep walking, but common sense prevailed.

The title is indicative of my plans for late summer, early fall.  There are three stretches of the Jakobsweg (The Way of St. James) in the area.  They’re three to five day tours, with some days stretching out to twenty-five or thirty kilometers.  I need to get in good condition with some long ones, lose the gut, harden the feet, and start exploring.

For me, every walk is a pilgrimage.  I did the three hours today as a walking meditation, concentrating on my breathing and posture and had some really good results. Zen isn’t just sitting, as some of the Roshis might say, ‘the world is full of wonder, who needs bells and chants?’

I’ll start carry the camera around again, once I’m in fighting shape.  All of my gear tends to drag me down in early Spring, but I’ll be fine after a week or two of acceptable weather.

Stay tuned, and: wanderpartners are always welcome!!